Mornington Boat Hire Bait & Tackle Fishing boats, Kayaks and SUP's for hire in Melboure's Port Phillip and Western Port Bay. No boat licence required!!!

Mornington Boat Hire Melbourne and Port Phillip Bays biggest and best boat rental
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"No boat licence, no worries"
Since the 1920's Mornington's Schnapper Point Boat Hire has been servicing Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay with boat hire.
Now incorporating:
Yaringa Boat Hire - Western Port
Peninsula Kayak Hire - Mount Martha Beach
Get on board with Melbourne's biggest and best boat hire, no boat licence, no worries!

Schnapper Point Boat Hire Melbourne Port Phillip Bay Fishing Boat Hire

With 2 fantastic fishing destinations: Schnapper Point Mornington, Port Phillip Bay & Yaringa Harbour, Western Port Bay we have the boats, locations and know how on how to get you on the water and on the fish! We are Melbourne's biggest boat hire with 26 boats for hire, Kayaks for hire, Stand-up paddle boards for hire and more on the water and ready to take you fishing or on the Bay!

We understand fishing and water sports are an addiction ! Sometimes you get to a point and wonder what's the next step! Well that's where we come in. Others may think they know, but experiance is everything. Having fished most of Austraila, and having worked as a fishing guide, tour guide, marine electronics specialist, fishing tackle specialist, fishing department manager, fishing tackle developer, commercial pilot, fishing writer, travel writer and currently working as the Director of one of Australia's largest self drive fishing boat hire fleets, I know how to get you on the fish or on the water. For most of my working life getting you on the water and on the fish has been my job, passion and speciality and that's what keeps Mornington Boat Hire, Bait and Tackle (Schnapper Point Boat Hire, Yaringa Boat Hire and Peninsula Kayak Hire) at the top their game.

We have a huge fleet of self drive fishing boats hire, Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards and we will always give you the best advice. So depart with us on your day on the bay, as we guide you to where the fish are. We also offer fishing gear hire, Bait & Tackle for sale, onsite kiosk and much more. We wont BS you with miles of rubbish, we give you the best information free and provide a top service for those looking for something extra!

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